April 17, 2017

About us

Who we are

Toan Viet, also known as Vietnam Panorama or VietPan, is a Hanoi-based private media company established in 1998. We are proud of the fact that our company is one of the first media monitoring companies in Vietnam.

How we fit in

The Central Committee for Propaganda and Education is a consulting body to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Politburo and Secretariat on issues related to party-building work concerning politics, ideologies, Party policies, propaganda, press, publications, education-training, among other public affairs. As an independent media company, Toan Viet understands and abides by the laws of the state and the party.

According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, which is the government body overseeing all press and Internet information in Vietnam, to date, the country had 858 press agencies, including 105 online news outlet, 207 information portals, 199 print newspapers, 658 magazines. The majority of press agencies are concentrated at the central government level.

As a private monitoring company, Toan Viet helps our readers who lack the time, and most oftentimes Vietnamese language, to grasp the daily reporting on Vietnam’s sprawling media sector, including all state and local print, online sources as well as television news. While we are not engaged in news reporting, we keep active monitoring over Vietnam’s socioeconomics and political landscape, building a rich database of all news reported from Vietnam in the past eighteen years.

As such, all of our news bulletins and press clippings are done in English as we seek to meet the demand of foreign investors and organizations keen on learning more about Vietnam.